Happy Customers!!

Here are some of our happy customers with their gimp gear!!! 


"I get a million laughs and compliments on this shirt!" ~Adam


"I'm not only the owner, I'm also a client" ~Bonnie

We also do customs, if you have a quote, design or saying you'd like to have on a t-shirt or other item, let us know and we can make what you'd like!!



"I'm a baaaaaaad Kitty!, Thank you Bonnie for this awesome custom shirt!" ~Sabrina


"Thanks Bonnie, I love it!" ~Dan


"Does it?...lol" ~Caryn


If you have purchased an item from us and love it then show the world!!  Here is where you can post a pic and comment of your favorite Gimps Store items!!!   Email us and send in your photo, and/or name and/or comment you'd like to share.  Looking forward to hearing from you!!



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